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Where Your Home Energy Dollars Go:

44% Heating and Cooling

33% Lighting, Cooking and Other Appliances

14% Water Heating

9% Refrigeration


Bundle up and turn down the heat. Set your heater thermostat at 68° or lower by day and put on a sweater if you feel chilly. At night, set your thermostat at 55° and get cozy with extra blankets. Clean or replace furrnace filters regularly.

Your Thermostat

Don't use it like a gas pedal. Setting the temperature super high won't heat your home any faster. But it will make your heater run longer, overheat¬ing your home and wasting energy. Instead, just set at desired temperature.


Vacuum refrigerator coils at least twice a year. Open doors only when necessary. Use Energy-Saver mode if available. If you buy a new refrigerator, unplug and recycle the old one.

Clothes Washing

Use the coolest water temperature that will get clothes clean, considering fabric types and level of soiling. Wash only full loads. Select the correct water level for the load size.

Clothes Drying

Dry only full loads. Dry loads one after another to take advantage of heat build-up. Clean the lint filter before each load. Use automatic cycle to prevent overdrying. Better yet, use a clothesline.


Turn off lights when not in use, even for just a minute. Replace your most-used incandescents with compact fluorescent bulbs, which use 75% less energy and last about 10 times longer. Keep lights clean.


Pre-heat only for baking. Avoid opening the oven to check progress. Turn oven off before food is done, and use retained heat to finish cooking. Use the microwave whenever possible - it saves energy.


Wash only full loads. Use a short cycle for lightly soiled dishes. Use the energy-saving no-heat dry feature. Or, turn dishwasher off after the final rinse to let dishes air dry.


Showers use much less hot water than baths. Install energy-saving low-flow showerheads and flow restrictors. Fix leaks to save energy and water. Fill the bathtub halfway or less.

Water Heating

Set water heater to the lowest temper¬ature that provides you sufficient hot water. Wrap your older model water heater with a water heater blanket, especially if it is in an unheated area.


Help them become energy-wise. Teach chil¬dren to turn off lights, TVs, VCRs and computer equip¬ment when they finish using them.