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extension cords

Extension Cord Safety


• Extension cords are not as safe as permanent household wiring. Use them temporarily and in a safe manner.

• Check the amperage rating for an extension cord to make sure it is greater than, or equal to, the tool or appliance you will be using.

• Routinely inspect cords for broken or frayed insulation. Immediately repair or replace unsafe cords.

• Do not cut off ground prongs. This eliminates the protection of grounded cords.

• Do not use extension cords as a substitute for permanent wiring.

• Always keep slack in extension cords. A taut cord can put tension on plugs and receptacles and increase the potential for connections to pull loose.

• Don't run extension cords across doorways or other heavy traffic areas unless you securely tape them to the floor.

• Never unplug an extension cord by pulling on the cord. Always unplug the cord by firmly grasping the plug.

• Avoid "pinch points" such as doors or windows. Doors and windows can be closed, cutting insulation and exposing bare wires.

• Don't staple or nail extension cords to walls.

• Don't allow cords to come into contact with oil or other corrosive materials.

• Before using an extension cord outside or in a wet area, confirm that the cord is rated for outdoor use and make sure the cord is connected to a ground fault circuit interrupter.