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Follow these Electrical Safety and Outdoor Activities guidelines for your protection.


• Stay clear of any area with "High Voltage" or "Warning-Keep Out" signs. These signs are put up for your protection to let you know it is unsafe to be there. If children lose a ball in a restricted substation area, an employee will be happy to retrieve it for them. Just call us.

• Don't tamper with electric meters. Besides being illegal, tampering with an electric meter can cause a direct short circuit, leading to electric shock, explosion, fire or shattering glass.

• Never touch a downed or low power line... Call TNEMC! We have the equipment, experience, and training to safely handle the situation.

• If a line falls on you while you are in your car...Do not touch anything metal, remain calm, and wait for TNEMC crews.

• Look Up! Keep in mind wire clearances when working with heavy equipment, farm equipment, grain bins, irrigation systems, and dump truck beds.

• Never plant trees, shrubs, or flowers within 6 feet of a padmount transformer, switchgear, service pedestals, or meter base as TNEMC personnel require space for repairs and maintenance.

• Never fly a kite or model airplane near overhead wires.

• Don't let children climb trees near power lines... trees and wood conduct electricity.

• Keep sailboats away from power lines.

• Never build or place fixed structures under a power line... It is dangerous and very expensive to have relocated.

• Never plant a tree within 40 feet of a power line (inside TNEMC right-of-way)... trees contribute to blinking lights when branches get into the power line and are a major contributor to outages in storms when they fall and break lines.

• Use extreme care around swimming pools. Don't use electrical appliances near pools or extension cords in the vicinity of pools.

• Be careful when carrying swimming pool skimmers, metal pipes or other tall poles and long boards. Contacting electric lines could cause serious burns or even death.

• Use caution around padmount transformers. If the green covering around the transformer is damaged or the lock is broken, stay away and call us. Don't plant trees, shrubs or flowers around transformers. Landscaping around transformers restricts access for power crews and digging creates a danger of contact with buried cables.

• Be careful when working or playing around guy wires supporting utility poles. Don't swing or climb on them; avoid running into them with yard equipment or vehicles.

• It is a Georgia state law that you call 3 working days before you dig to identify the location of underground wires. Digging or driving objects into underground wires could cause serious injuries or service interruptions. Maintain a distance of 2 feet from marked power lines.

• Don't set ladders or scaffolds close to overhead electric lines, including the service wires connected to houses and buildings... Call TNEMC to either cover up the wires or temporarily move them.

• Take care not to cut the power cord when working with electrically powered cutting tools outdoors. These include lawn mowers, hedge clippers, chain saws and trimmers.

• When working around trees, make sure no electric wires run through the branches. If you see a branch in danger of falling on the line, call TNEMC.

• Wear sturdy rubber-soled shoes when working with electric tools outdoors. Never use electrical tools when barefooted.