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Economic Development

Three Notch EMC has been a pioneer in providing southwest Georgia with electricity since its beginning in 1938. With today's increasing technology in the homes and businesses of their members, the need for more electricity is the wave of the future for Three Notch EMC.

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Residential Surge Protection

Three Notch EMC is now offering a true WHOLE HOUSE surge protection package. By installing surge protection devices both inside and outside your home all appliances receiving power through the meter on your home can be covered.

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Energy Saving Tips

Vacuum refrigerator coils at least twice a year. Open doors only when necessary. Use Energy-Saver mode if available. If you buy a new refrigerator, unplug and recycle the old one.

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Power For Your Everyday Life

That is what we do. We pride ourselves in providing quality electrical power to rural Georgia for your everday lives.

Based in Donalsonville, Georgia, Three Notch Electric provides electric services and energy saving solutions to residents throughout the region. Operating since 1938, our company is one of the most respected independent energy firms in the area. Our goal is to help people save on their electric expenses, as well as protect their home from electrical overloads.


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